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How Pianos are a quality design – it’s on the inside that counts

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Have you ever looked inside of a grand or larger horizontal piano and seen the beauty and majesty that it holds within the confines of it’s hard wooden shell exterior?

It is a masterful work of beauty – even more beautiful to appreciate than that of the iPhone 6 or even the iPhone 7.

When we look inside these, we see what some technical people would consider “beauty”, however a green motherboard with little chips all over it and soldering points is not what most people consider to beĀ really beautiful.

When you look inside of a really nice piano, with it’s keys all spread out – a canvas for the musician – you will see long drawn out steel strings that measure only millimeters in circumference.

These beautiful strings can be stretched up to several feet and in many cases you will also see the soundboard (this is especially true of baby grand and grand pianos that are meant for performance and thus have the lid opened to showcase the beautiful components of it’s innards.

These soundboards are usually finished to reflect light against every string to further exemplify the piece’s own beauty, and pianos are a modern marvel because of this fact. And as you may have guessed, moving these pianos is no easy feat even for the trained and weary.

The large, masterfully made pieces of incredible design are in upwards of 500x the weight of a standard iPhone – easily, and a piano mover is the only way to be able to move them both sufficiently and within injuring oneself.

Personally, for our decadent piano must be moved by one of the best piano moving companies in town to ensure safe travel and transportation of such a fine device. This is the only way to be sure that it will not be damaged and will retain it’s fine design – these things can be expensive and rarely would an individual wish to have to replace one solely because a moving incident “gone wrong”.

This is why we use San Diego piano movers who have a reveled skill to match their craftsmanship with building these fine pieces of design. We highly recommend you do the same when securing your “products of fine design” as well to maintain the integrity and the “action” to which it performs and plays. Maintenance is a standard component of those things to which we find are made with fine design.iphone_similar_piano_moving

When you do get your piano, study it’s interior and get a glimpse of the “workings behind the machine”. It is much easier to do this with a piano than it is an iPhone for the shear reason of the way it was built. You will find it to be extremely beautiful; representing a decadent of decades of history for mankind – a modern marvel to revel in and enjoy.