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Riverside Taxi

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Do you have a smartphone or more importantly do you have the newest iPhone? If not you can not store the best place in the inland empire to call for a ride. Maybe you want to get a new phone and switch over all your contacts. Or you have already decided this is going to be your Christmas present and you want to do some research and get this¬†Taxi_riverside_catechnology thing going. The best place to start almost always comes back to who is the biggest and best phone provider in the world. This is a pretty simple answer and i don’t even want to post their name here because it is like insulting someone’s intellect by doing so.

You may want to think about how you are going to get to the Apple store to buy that new iPhone 6. You will need a safe ride in a nice new car to get you there. A cab company that is more like a private coach or town car. A company with a flawless record of satisfied customers. A company that goes out of its way to keep you safe and sound while you travel to and from  airport.

So once you get some money together go buy your new cell phone and plug n a good taxi phone number so you always have a ride. Don’t get caught with a dead cell phone either. That is the worst, if you have to carry your charger with you so when you do the walk of shame each morning at least you will have a fully charged phone. So you can call that taxi and get yourself to work because it’s only wednesday.

And be a nice friend and offer to call them rides home from the bar. Just keep a cell phone handy with a cab co plugged in, call and pour them in the cab knowing that they will make it home safely. Thank you for taking the time to read my words of wisdom, i fee like this will never be scrutinized so i am comfortable being honest.

Sincerely from someone who has been there way to long.