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Online Drivers Education for California State

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Fast Driver’s Ed Online is a California DMV approved online course designed for teens who want to acquire their leacalifornia-drivers-edrner’s permit. If you live in and need drivers ed California and are between the ages of 15 1/2 and 18 years old then you are ready to to begin your online driver’s ed course!

The California DMV requires that students spend thirty hours studying course material and pass a written exam before they can apply for their learner’s permit. You don’t have to spend thirty hours in the class room! You can take the course online and study from whatever device that you want: at school, at home, or at the library! The course is taught by professionals and is available online 24/7!

Fast Drivers Ed Online has broken the course down into easy-to-learn units. The course is designed so that you can learn at your own pace. Spread it out over as many study sessions as you like, or get the units over with as quickly as possible! You have the freedom to work as slow or fast as you’re comfortable. There is no time limit for completing the course and you can also receive your Texas drivers ed courses through their online education system.

When you complete the online course a certificate will be mailed to you. Take the certificate with you to the DMV to apply for your learner’s permit. You will need this certificate to prove that you completed the minimum thirty hour course. At the DMV you will need to pass a forty six question test to obtain your learner’s permit. Keep the certificate with you as it is needed to validate the learner’s permit and will be needed until and when you take the road test.

When you go to the DMV remember to bring:

  • Driver’s ed certificate-Driver’s license card application signed by a parent or guardian (can be picked up from the DMV) Social Security Card, Birth Certificate, Photo ID, Proof that you are enrolled in an approved driver training program.
  • $33 dollars to pay the fee for the written exam. Allows you to take the exam up to three times if you fail.

Drivers Ed Online teaches you the highest standard of driving safety and rules of the road. The online course comes with several practice questions and tests that you can practice as many times over as you like. Acing the practice exams on Drivers Ed Online¬†will guarantee that you ace the forty six question exam at the DMV. Even though the one time fee of $33 allows you to take the exam up to three times, the DMV makes you wait seven days between each test. Wouldn’t you rather just ace the exam the first time!?

If beginning driver’s ed is in your future consider an online course! Work at your own pace from the comfort of your own home. The course material is available online at anytime that you feel like studying. If you’re a busy student or have many extra curricular activities the online course lets you study when it is convenient for you! Practice the tests until you know for sure you will ace the exam at the DMV. Fast Driver’s Ed is the fastest, most comfortable, and surefire way to pass your thirty hours of course work and obtain your drivers ed certificate. Sign up today and start driving!