When in Rome… And San Diego

With much to talk about, I just want to start off by giving you guys some really good information to help increase the amount of outside entertainment you’re receiving in your life.

So this starts with a little known, but widely admired company: San Diego Limousine.  This limo San Diego Company is awesome.  Talk about sky scraper style limos, swag filled limousines that are fully loaded with x, y, and z.  Superb quality and stellar service make up the entirety of this limo company.  Let me show you what I mean.

So, you want to have fun with your buddies but don’t know what to do on a Friday night?  Get creative!  Together, with your minds that are more complex than the entire universe (and even the iPhone 6), you have more potential and capabilities than anyone who has walked the earth before you.

Here’s just a few ideas to start creating entertainment in your life:

  1. Rent a limo to pick up girls:
    You might think this one is obvious, but really.  When’s the last time you’ve done something so bold?  Next time you want to pick up some chicks in style, especially in SD, grab a limo service San Diego will make you remember for years!  Head on downtown and tell me the girls aren’t checking you out.  And man are they hot down here in San Diego, just make sure to dress appropriately!
  2. Get a limo to shoot of some pistol whippin’ action:
    Say what?  I know what you’re thinking, that doesn’t really make sense at first but take a minute to think about that….. got an idea?  Okay!  Grab your guns and get ready to shoot some bad guys because the shooting range is a hell of a blast when you take a limo out.  Not only is it fun to shoot some guns, but afterwards, your limousine is waiting to take you downtown, to dinner, anywhere you want to go.
  3. Schmooze your hot date:
    That’s a great idea right?  Why don’t more people think of this!  I swear, if more couples would take limos.. the divorce rate would probably be challenged.. but anyway, why not take your hot date out in a swagger-licious limousine for a night of sexy sweat serenade?  The privacy glass is there for a reason right? ;)
  4. This is just the cusp:
    Really, these are just ideas I came up with on the fly.  But we did actually take a San Diego Limousine down town to hit on some chicks… and to dance, and to just have a great time all around!  But hell, that’s what life is all about.

So I know, I know, life is not all play and no work; quite the contrary in my opinion.  I prefer work over

Limo ride in san diego

Most Dope San Diego Limo Service

play, but that’s just because I have a million dollar mindset.  And I just wanted to point out that the owners over there at San Diego Limousine are dope and they run a really good show serving up some sweet limousines.  Big props, that hard work and dedication is definitely paying off for them and I hope it will at least triple in the life of the company.

So next time you take out your iPhone 6 (screw Android) to take a snap shot, hopefully you do it form a sweet limousine with some buddies and some hot chickies that really just make your whole night complete.  You dig?

This is Rover one double over, down for the count for the night.  Big peace to my family and the lord Jesus Christ for blessing me with the power that he’s instilled in each and every one of you.  Later.

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